Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How do you make money selling Avon?

One main concern I had when choosing to begin my business with Avon was "How do I make money selling Avon?" There is no store for your customers to just stop in and look. Making it a much different selling dynamic than what most of us are used to. But Avon has created three different ways to make a profit from selling their products.

Personal sales with Avon

The best way to start is with building their personal sales. These are customers you sell to face to face. Family, friends, and coworkers are a wonderful place to start. You can get a lot of sales through word of mouth from personal friends. (I always give my customers an extra brochure to give to someone they know.) Another great way to build personal sales is by asking wherever you go. Whether it's at the bank or even having a brochure next to you while you eat in a resturant, there is always someone new you can try and reach.(Remember that these brochures are only given out by other representatives so they are more likely to say yes! Also don't forget to get their name and number so you can follow up when orders are due or a new campaign is beginning.) If you are shy don't worry. Ecause selling face to face isn't the only way to go anymore...

Online sales with Avon

As soon as you sign up to become a representative Avon gives you your very own website to sell product online, as well as the social media page (under Web office in your repesentatives site) to get you started with promoting on pintrest, Facebook, and twitter! These tools are great to get you started on promoting your online business. This will allow you to sell to those family and friends that aren't so close to you. And the website is so easy to shop, as well as provides direct delivery. Which means your customers enjoy having product delivered directly to their door steps and you simply get paid! The only effort on your end is making sure you promote it as often as you can. Social media along with blogs make for great traffic sources. I personally love the blog idea because it allows you to share personal experiences with new customers on highlighted products of each campaign.

Leadership and down lines

If you are happy with your earnings from the first two options I'm sure you'll be excited about the third. Avon encourages leadership by offering incentives to start a down line. A down line is simply individuals who have signed up to sell as part of your team. (Either online or in person) when someone signs up to sell underneath you, you recieve a percentage of their sales! (It doesn't take away anything from their earnings just extra for you!) So the more people you recruit to sell Avon and the more you help them succeed the better you will do as well.

These three ways to sell can help you create a thriving business as well as reach any goal you wish to achieve.  Mine is to quit my nine to five job and I am getting ever closer to achieving that goal! What is yours?! Allow me the opportunity to help you succeed by joining my team. Simply sign up to become an Avon Representative at

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