All About the Avon Opportunity

Have you ever wondered exactly just what Avon is all about? Avon is a company that has been built on empowering and helping women since 1886. The company offers specialized products in the cosmetic, parfum, clothing, toys, and jewelry departments. But Avon is about more than the products it sells. The Avon foundation for women offers scholarships to repesentatives and their family members. As well as being outspoken advocates for the end of domestic violence and Breast cancer awareness.

The Avon opportunity is available to everyone age 18 or older. So if you love the products why not make extra money by selling it? The Avon company selling strategy is based on two parts. Direct selling and online selling. It is possible to be successful by choosing either method but think of the profit if you can master both. Direct selling normally starts off with friends and family but grows with the more effort you put forth to reach new people and to know what they like so that you can point out the best deals and products for them. Online selling is just that. When you sign up to be an Avon representative you will receive your own personal website from where anyone in the us can order products and have them shipped directly to them. Simple and easy. You can use the power of social media to promote and drive people to your website. Also if you are blogger savy then you can use your blog to highlight specials and deals to help increase traffic to the site.

If you are interested in becoming an Avon representative the start up fee is only $15. With that $15 you will receive your start up beochures and some free sample products as well as your personal website. Check out all of the details at

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