Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cheap makeup from Avon

With today's prices we are all looking for "cheap makeup". But we shouldn't be compromising quality for price! We've all purchased that dollar eyeliner only to fine that it doesn't sharpen quite right or crumbles when you try and use it. We all deserve quality beauty products for an excellent price. With Avon Beauty products this is possible!

How do department and grocery store prices compare to Avons?

Beauty and makeup products such as Revlon, cover girl, and Almay are all great products and run at decent prices which is why we tend to choose them over higher priced department store products from stores like sephora. But what if I told you that you can get Avon's beauty and makup products for half of these prices? Avon's items at regular price are what you would pay in walmart for your beauty needs. The benefit of Avon's products is that they go on sale for 30%-50% off regularly!

Revlon eyeshadow quads can run up to $8 and almost never go on sale while Avon eyeshadow quads regular price are the same but go on sale frequently (every 2 to 3 campaigns!) For only 4.99! Lip liner goes on sale for 2.99! Avon also runs stock up sales like buy 1 get one for .99 on eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow! When is the last time you were able to find a deal like that with out paying $100 for something?!

The Avon experience 

Another wonderful advantage of buying Avon over these other leading companies is that you will be buying from a friend or family member. Helping them pay a mortgage or afford college for their children. Instead of adding more cash to the pockets of no name cooperations. You also have the one on one relationship of an Avon representative for all of your questions and concerns. We are passionate about our jobs and love to share the savings and knowledge about Avon products. So be sure to contact your local repesentative for information on the current sales. Or if you don't have an Avon representative check out the sales at my personal and have your beauty and makeup delivered to your door with direct delivery!

How do you make money selling Avon?

One main concern I had when choosing to begin my business with Avon was "How do I make money selling Avon?" There is no store for your customers to just stop in and look. Making it a much different selling dynamic than what most of us are used to. But Avon has created three different ways to make a profit from selling their products.

Personal sales with Avon

The best way to start is with building their personal sales. These are customers you sell to face to face. Family, friends, and coworkers are a wonderful place to start. You can get a lot of sales through word of mouth from personal friends. (I always give my customers an extra brochure to give to someone they know.) Another great way to build personal sales is by asking wherever you go. Whether it's at the bank or even having a brochure next to you while you eat in a resturant, there is always someone new you can try and reach.(Remember that these brochures are only given out by other representatives so they are more likely to say yes! Also don't forget to get their name and number so you can follow up when orders are due or a new campaign is beginning.) If you are shy don't worry. Ecause selling face to face isn't the only way to go anymore...

Online sales with Avon

As soon as you sign up to become a representative Avon gives you your very own website to sell product online, as well as the social media page (under Web office in your repesentatives site) to get you started with promoting on pintrest, Facebook, and twitter! These tools are great to get you started on promoting your online business. This will allow you to sell to those family and friends that aren't so close to you. And the website is so easy to shop, as well as provides direct delivery. Which means your customers enjoy having product delivered directly to their door steps and you simply get paid! The only effort on your end is making sure you promote it as often as you can. Social media along with blogs make for great traffic sources. I personally love the blog idea because it allows you to share personal experiences with new customers on highlighted products of each campaign.

Leadership and down lines

If you are happy with your earnings from the first two options I'm sure you'll be excited about the third. Avon encourages leadership by offering incentives to start a down line. A down line is simply individuals who have signed up to sell as part of your team. (Either online or in person) when someone signs up to sell underneath you, you recieve a percentage of their sales! (It doesn't take away anything from their earnings just extra for you!) So the more people you recruit to sell Avon and the more you help them succeed the better you will do as well.

These three ways to sell can help you create a thriving business as well as reach any goal you wish to achieve.  Mine is to quit my nine to five job and I am getting ever closer to achieving that goal! What is yours?! Allow me the opportunity to help you succeed by joining my team. Simply sign up to become an Avon Representative at

Avon's Anew Skincare try it size moisturizers!

When it comes to skin care it always seems to be a daunting task to find the right cream to give us the right results. And with the prices of these precious creams being so high you want to make the right choice the first time. And while samples are great they hardly ever give us a real idea of what the results from using it will be. Would you be surprised if I told you Avon had this in mind when they created the Try it size moisturizers for all of the day and night creams on their Anew Skincare lines? 

Anew try it size moisturizers 

These little moisturizers make it easy to try out a new skincare regimen without paying the full price. They all contain .05oz of Avon's Anew skin cream. That's a two week supply! This give you time to see how your skin will actually respond. This way you can avoid spending a small fortune on creams that break you out or just don't have enough lift. Also these sizes are great for traveling. They are all a TSA approved size. This way you can take them with you wherever you go! The Anew try it size moisturizers make terrific stocking suffers for the holiday season!

What Anew Skincare line is best for you?

Each skincare line has been formulated for different purposes. For those looking to treat enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, loss of radiance, tired looking, and puffy eyes, give the Anew Vital skincare a try. Are fine lines and wrinkles a concern? Anew's Reversalist line was created to target these! Anew's Ultimate Skincare is designed to target multiple signs of aging, including loss of volume and resiliance, uneven skin tone, dryness, uneven texture, fine lines and deep wrinkles, and so much more! (I use this one personally and love it!) Anew's Platinum Skincare Line is a heavy hitter. Targeting loss of facial contours (sagging jawlines) deep horizontal lines on your neck, and wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

The price comparison of try it size vs full size

The price for the full size jars of Anew Skincare creams range from $28-38 each depending on which line you decide is right for you. They are on special during this campaign (26) from $17.99-21.99! That's a great price if you know exactly what you want, however if you are just now deciding to start a skincare regimen the try it size of these are on special for only $6.99 each! That means you can try both the day and night cream for two whole weeks for only $13.98! That less than half of the regular price for just one of the creams! Well worth the buy to try out something new! To take advantage of this offer go to

Monday, October 26, 2015

How much does it cost to start selling Avon?

A key concern of mine when I first started looking to start my own business and move away from the corporate 9 to 5 was initial and long term costs. It's always hard to start something when it seems as though you are always paycheck to paycheck. So it's always nice to find something with a low start up fee. When considering becoming an Avon representative, my first question was "How much does it cost to sell Avon?" The low start up fee of $15 is one of the reasons I chose Avon

Costs to sell Avon

The cost to sell Avon is very affordable at $15. And you receive so much in the kit for the fee! They send you 20 brochures. (10 for the current campaign and 10 for the next) as well a folder and worksheets for you to set each of your goals. (Writing them down makes them easier to achieve by being able to track where you are going and where you have been.) Also they send you a few full size products. Now you can chose to use these products yourself so you become familiar with them and have a personal experience if a customer asks or you can use them as incentives for new customers. I used mine as gifts for my very first customers and they loved them! Along with these products Avon gives you your very own website to sell online while you wait for your start up kit. Your Avon representative site gives you plenty of options to promote online through social media as well. That's quite a lot for only $15.

Costs involved in selling Avon 

Another concern was long term costs involved in selling Avon. I researched the costs such as purchasing brochures, samples, and supplies (bags for orders, car decals, etc.) These costs are relatively low compared to other direct sales companies like Mary Kay. The bags for orders are only around $2.50 for 10. Very low for beginners. You can order as needed. The samples are cheap as well. You can get a pack of 5 beauty cream samples for around the same as the bags. Parfum samples are cheaper and you get more. I personally love to keep samples on hand for placing in order bags to promote new items for the customer to try as well as take them with me when I go door to door. This gives the new customer a chance to try something just for becoming a customer. (No purchase necessary when I visit just to get their name and number and have them receive a brochure. Everyone loves a free sample for signing up and it gets your foot in the door to be their sales rep.) As far as brochures go I have left the pricing below as it varies depending on how many you choose to purchase. Still not a bad price. These costs are easily covered by your sales earnings or can be written off in taxes.

When I was doing my research on start up businesses such as Avon, I found many products that show great potential but I never read of any that were as involved as Avon. Avon wasn't just another makeup brand to try and sell. It had strong community ties as well as a strong support system. That meant the world to me as I had never personally tried to sell directly. But I'm happy to say that I am proud of how far I've come in only a few campaigns. I've been able to go from making $50 minimum orders to $200 orders in a matter of weeks thanks to my DM and others. That's amazing for only 10 or so hours a week and only being a rep for a couple months!

Should I sell Avon?

If you are still asking yourself, "Should I sell Avon?" and have more questions please contact me personally at I will gladly answer your questions and concerns. If you are ready to become an Avon Representative today, please go to Use reference code: stephaniebabin to be part of my personal team. I'll be beside you every step of the way!

Can you sell Avon?

Selling Avon is a major opportunity for anyone looking to make their own hours and be their own boss.

I had many questions when I first signed up. I've spent years working 40 hrs a week at a grocery store where customers come to me. It can be a little intimidating trying to enter a new field of work that is so drastically different. My first initial fear was that I didn't know anyone who sold Avon so I felt alone. But as soon as I signed up online I started getting phone calls. One from my team manager as well as my district manager. They both welcomed me to Avon and helped me work through my initial questions. So know that you have the full support of other representatives to help you succeed.

Another opportunity you can take advantage of is the Avon university tool as well as all of the you tube videos made by successful Avon representatives. These tools will help yout in every aspect of your business. From face to face selling, online selling, and recruiting and building your team. These tools are endless. And they explain so much. Even if you are new to blogging and social media. These videos and tutorials make it a breeze to enter the online world and take advantage of all online sales.

So if you are thinking about starting to sell Avon rest assure that you are in good hands of people who want you to be successful and will give you every bit of support you need to make your business grow. Hit each incentive and make as many connections and customers you want!

Learn more about selling Avon at If you are ready to become an Avon Representative today please use reference code: stephaniebabin this way you will be a part of my team and I can personally assist you will all of your questions.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Free shipping for online orders $15 and up!

This is an Avon online exclusive! Use code:OCTSAVE to receive free shipping on any online order $15 or more. This offer will expire at midnight October 28th 2015. It is not valid on the auto replenish program. Be sure to check out all that campaign 26 has to offer you and your holiday shopping list. Including the Avon living, outlet, and Mark brochures! Take a look and see what great deals are in store for you at

Bling pave watch with crystals by Swarovski!

Avon has really out done themselves with this piece! These glamorous time pieces feature over 76 Swarovski Crystals! If you aren't familiar with what a Swarovski Crystal is let me explain. Swarovski Crystals are the finest quality man made crystals in the world! All Swarovski Crystals are created to perfection so there is never a lack in brilliance! That being said take a look at the amazing deal that Avon is offering them at. These stunning watches bought separately at a very reasonable price of $80.00. However! If you make a $15 brocure purchase (anything within the campaign 26 brochure. Not outlet or living magazine) Avon will drastically reduce the price to only 19.99! That's only a $35 order for an $80 watch! Now that's a holiday steal if I've ever seen one! These watches are available in both a goldtone and a silver tone to please every ones style. Check out this amazing deal opportunity at

Give the gift of color this holiday season!

Do you know someone who loves color! Avon has the perfect gift for them at the perfect price! This Makeup design palette comes with 21 shades of eyeshadow, 6 lipgloss shades, 3 brushes, 1 bronzer, 2 dust covers with shade glossary, 1 mirror, and a design your look booklet! This is regularly a $55 value but is on special in campaign 26 for only $21.99! This is a great gift for an amazing price!
But that's not all! Avon is also offering their Four piece Pro Brush Set for only $9.99! This wonderful set includes 1 eye shadow brush, 1 cream eye shadow brush, 1 blush brush, and 1 lip brush. We all need to remember to replace our brushes from time to time. Why not make it now with this special offer you'll spend less than half than what you normally would. This set also makes a great gift for those who have a love of makeup! 
Check out these two items and all that Avon's campaign 26 has to offer you and your holiday shopping list! Shop now at

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Introducing Avon's Newest fragrance: Attraction

Just in time for the holiday season Avon is introducing their newest fragrance duo for men and women. Attraction!

Avon's Attraction for men is a spectacularly blended scent with smokey woods, musk accord, and ginger root. In this special introductory campaign you can get the fragrance, body wash, and after shave lotion for the wonderfully low price of $30. That's right the complete Avon Attraction for men set a $50 value for only $30! How's that for a holiday steal!

Avon's Attraction for her features vanilla amber, musk accord, and tempting blackberry scents to create fragrance full of sensual energy! Also if purchased in the introductory campaign 26 you recieve the full collection for only $30! That includes the fragrance, body wash, and body lotion, a $54 value for only $30!

Avon's new Attraction fragrance line make great individual fragrance gifts but the shared middle note of musk accord make them a beautiful gift for couples. This shared note allows the fragrances to blend well when experienced side by side! Creating an unforgettable and powerful statement for couples. The pair together costs a total of $60 but if purchased in campaign 26 you will not only recieve the fragrance pair but also both body washes, the body lotion for her, and the aftershave for him. That's 4 free gifts and both fragrances for only $60. An amazing deal! Much more than what you'll spend at the department store. Hurry, these low introductory prices won't last long. Check these fragrances out at