Friday, August 28, 2015

Join Avon's fight to end Breast Cancer and share awareness!

Awareness is the key to finding a cure. Almost everyone has someone in their lives who has fought the fight against Breast cancer. These brave women who show us what it means to be a fighter. They have no doubt shown us the meaning of pure strength. Avon has their own foundation for women and has focused on Breast cancer in their Avon's Breast Cancer Crusade. Since then they have donated more than 800 million in over 50 countries to improve access to quality Breast health and to research. In this special pink issue of their brocure you will find many items displaying the pink ribbon of Breast cancer awareness. The entire Fergie outspoken fragrance line will donate $5. As well as many others with the donation amounts ranging from $1 to $5. With each donation we draw closer to ending the fight against Breast cancer. Please help bring awareness to this cause with these beautiful styles and scents. The first 11 pages of Avons campaign 22 is dedicated to this cause. Check them out and join the fight at 

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