Thursday, October 22, 2015

Introducing Avon's Newest fragrance: Attraction

Just in time for the holiday season Avon is introducing their newest fragrance duo for men and women. Attraction!

Avon's Attraction for men is a spectacularly blended scent with smokey woods, musk accord, and ginger root. In this special introductory campaign you can get the fragrance, body wash, and after shave lotion for the wonderfully low price of $30. That's right the complete Avon Attraction for men set a $50 value for only $30! How's that for a holiday steal!

Avon's Attraction for her features vanilla amber, musk accord, and tempting blackberry scents to create fragrance full of sensual energy! Also if purchased in the introductory campaign 26 you recieve the full collection for only $30! That includes the fragrance, body wash, and body lotion, a $54 value for only $30!

Avon's new Attraction fragrance line make great individual fragrance gifts but the shared middle note of musk accord make them a beautiful gift for couples. This shared note allows the fragrances to blend well when experienced side by side! Creating an unforgettable and powerful statement for couples. The pair together costs a total of $60 but if purchased in campaign 26 you will not only recieve the fragrance pair but also both body washes, the body lotion for her, and the aftershave for him. That's 4 free gifts and both fragrances for only $60. An amazing deal! Much more than what you'll spend at the department store. Hurry, these low introductory prices won't last long. Check these fragrances out at

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