Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bling pave watch with crystals by Swarovski!

Avon has really out done themselves with this piece! These glamorous time pieces feature over 76 Swarovski Crystals! If you aren't familiar with what a Swarovski Crystal is let me explain. Swarovski Crystals are the finest quality man made crystals in the world! All Swarovski Crystals are created to perfection so there is never a lack in brilliance! That being said take a look at the amazing deal that Avon is offering them at. These stunning watches bought separately at a very reasonable price of $80.00. However! If you make a $15 brocure purchase (anything within the campaign 26 brochure. Not outlet or living magazine) Avon will drastically reduce the price to only 19.99! That's only a $35 order for an $80 watch! Now that's a holiday steal if I've ever seen one! These watches are available in both a goldtone and a silver tone to please every ones style. Check out this amazing deal opportunity at

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